Monday, 25 February 2013

The case for specialist teachers

When the comhairle administration, in defence of their cutting of the specialist teacher provision, talk about the specialists being an extra provision that we don't need to provide, I feel they miss the point.

This provision is highly-valued by the whole community, as was shown throughout the budget consultations.

The education department have to be complimented for this provision - they have provided this service and the community have benefited greatly. That is why it is valued so highly.

This provision should not be seen as extra but as an INVESTMENT IN OUR YOUNG PEOPLE - an excellent investment that is paying off handsomly.

There is a blossoming music scene - both traditional and contemporary and our young people punch above their weight as individuals and teams in sports competitions.

Our education department has played a big part in that through the provision of specialist teachers.

Sadly, only the SNP Group in the Comhairle recognised the value of this investment and, with the support of councillor  DJ Macrae, voted to keep full retention of the specialist.

The rest of the councillors voted to axe this valuable resource and we only wait to see what effect that decision will have on the youngsters coming through the ranks.

Councillor Gordon Murray, Education Spokesman