Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Council leader still attacking his critics

The increasingly puerile attacks by the Western Isles Council's leader on anyone who dares oppose their decision to axe the air service continue.

First, the SNP council group are attacked for invoking the basic democratic right of presenting a proper amendment against his proposal to end the service.

Then the Health Board are slated for not funding the council's transport responsibilities.

Next, the  Member of Parliament is condemned for not " standing shoulder to shoulder" to remove services.

His latest intimidation technique is his attempted ridicule of TV presenter Lorraine Kelly for daring to express a view which does not accord with his own. In doing so, his own flawed thinking is exposed.

Councils often develop the belief it is the council's money. It is not the council's money; it is the public's money.  The council is created and exists to deliver public services and is provided the public's money for that purpose.

Furthermore the Glasgow/Barra flight used by Lorraine Kelly is not subsidised by the council as Cllr Campbell asserts, it is assisted by the public's money through the Scottish Government. Lorraine Kelly is as entitled to express an opinion as every other member of the public and taxpayer.

Cllr Campbell should note that every air service in and to the Outer Hebrides is supported by taxpayer money as is every public ferry and public bus service. He has now put all of them under the spotlight.

I caution the council leader to be more considered in his public statements and not be goaded by councillors who lack the stomach to stand on their own true colours. Of course Cllr Crichton may suppose he is clever by adopting the adage "why have a dog, if you have to bark yourself".

Councillor Donald Manford.