Monday, 8 April 2013

Urgent action needed as impact of lost air service hammers home

Newspaper Delivery Re-routed

The calamitous implications of council axing Uist and Barra flights, continues to escalate. Directly and indirectly over 20 flights in total are lost, including connections between Stornoway, Inverness and Edinburgh.

How much more will be lost while the council howls; it’s not our fault.

Council Leader Angus Campbell, informed the Cabinet Secretary, that while he was sad at having to withdraw the service, that is what his public consultation told him.

Blaming the public simply will not do. It is now undeniable that public money has been provided to the council for air services and that the council transferred the money elsewhere.

I commend MSP Alasdair Allan for seeking and an urgent meeting with the Newspaper Industry’s distributers, to try and resolve this problem. Credit also to Angus MacNeil MP for contacting Secretary of State, Vince Cable MP, to urge him to look at Royal Mail system to improve communication and make cost savings.

I further urge the council to reconsider its decision to axe the services. Failing that, it could apply to transfer to government the transport powers it has abdicated, in order that alternative forms of delivering the transport can be investigated.

Donald Manford.