Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Pensions and Independence - protection comes with a YES vote

The demographics of the Outer Hebrides show that the population has a greater number of pensioners than the national average.

With this in mind, the announcement by the Scottish Government that pensions would not only be protected but could increase was warmly welcomed by the SNP Group on the Comhairle.

A consistent question on the doorsteps when campaigning for a YES vote for the independence referendum throughout the islands has been the future of pensions so the news of the security of the pension in an Independent Scotland gives a sense of relief and security to all.

It has been shown in a recent survey by Which? magazine that the UK has none of the lowest state pensions in Europe:

Country                                                                                        Pension per year
Germany                                                                                                  26,366
Sweden                                                                                                   25,000
Ireland                                                                                                     10,413
UK                                                                                                           5,500

“I really welcome the news that pensions would be protected under an Independent Scotland “said SNP Councillor for Stornoway North, Gordon Murray.

“An Independent Scotland, with its clear aims of social justice could look at increasing the state pension. We fall behind many European countries due to Westminster’s policies and their constant attack on the welfare state.”

"A YES vote is the only way we can protect our pension and ultimately our pensioners.”