Friday, 19 February 2016

Council Budget 2016 - Itinerant teachers

Concerns about equity of provision of PE, Art and Music were voiced strongly in the budget setting meeting of the Western Isles Council by the SNP Group.


The group have continually opposed cuts to the specialist teachers and value their contribution to the all round education of children in the authority.


Councillor Gordon Murray said: "How can the transfer of the current group of itinerant teachers onto supply teaching be guaranteed to work in schools day to day and deliver equity of provision."


"I commend the education department for investing in this provision for many years and we can see through a fantastic and dynamic music scene and excellent sporting achievements being the fruits of that investment. However, most councillors did not feel it was a priority and voted to withdraw that investment in our youth. I feel it lets down our young people and lessens the opportunities I had when I was in school and we should be going forward and improving not going backwards - children have lost out."


Those who voted to cut to cut specialist teaching completely from schools:

Norman Macdonald (convenor), Angus Campbell (leader), Donnie Steele, Charlie Nicolson, iain mackenzie, angus McCormack, iain Macaulay, Zena Stewart, Alasdair Macleod, Norman Macleod, John Mackay, Ali maclennan, Cudig Macleod, angus Morrison, Catherine Macdonald, Catriona Stewart, donald Crichton, Neil Beaton, Uisdean Robertson, Ronnie MacKinnon, Andrew walker, Dj MacRae


Those who voted to save the specialist (itinerant) teachers:

Gordon Murray, rae mackenzie, donald Manford, Kenny Macleod, John a Maciver