Thursday, 8 March 2018

Consultation on Laxdale buses

Stornoway North councillor Gordon Murray has welcomed a new consultation on ‘school transport in the Laxdale area’ planned for next week.

Councillor Murray stated: “This is positive news for those parents in Newvalley, Marybank, Benside and Bakers Road who have battled for the reinstatement of the school bus to the Nicolson Institute.

“I hope that the leader, councillor Roddie MacKay and the director of education will listen to their pleas and reinstate the buses so that children from these areas can travel to school without worrying about the traffic and inclement weather. To hear stories of children turning up to school drenched is not acceptable.”

The service was taken away as part of a budget cut put forward by the former leader and Stornoway North councillor Roddie Mackay in the previous council term.