Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Letter to chief executive regarding Lews Castle

Dear Mr Burr,

We write to you in regard of the recent issue concerning the Lews Castle and its purpose in terms of its use.

There seems to be significant growing concern among the community and especially those who are involved in the self-catering accommodation sector on the island who feel threatened by the perceived change in the use or classification of the castle as an accommodation provider.

These concerns are valid and have a right to be represented and voiced.

We, as a group, support obtaining funding for a purposeful use of the castle.

As there has been a considerable amount of funding obtained for the castle renovation, is there differentiation between funding obtained for the restoration of the castle and it's transformation into an accommodation provider.

There is concern that the accommodation-type has changed and could possibly "displace" other local self-catering businesses. This has raised a number of questions such as:
What has the accommodation changed to if it no longer is to become a luxury hotel?
When did this change become part of the policy in moving the project forward?
How robust is the business plan in terms of the change?
How has this affected local businesses and are they being consulted?

We do not want local businesses to be disregarded in favour of the council's best interest,

Best wishes,